Work Products

The Detroit Water Stories project has resulted in several scholarly and creative products, meant to benefit the community, policymakers and journalists:

  1. Portfolio of oral histories: In line with our guiding ethos of “open and public scholarship,” we are uploading and adding the video and/or transcripts of our oral history interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders involved with Detroit’s water crisis. These interviews have been conducted with residents, grassroots community organizers, healthcare workers, water infrastructure engineers, water innovation experts, policymakers, creative/media workers and others. Our goal is to develop this website into a freely accessible public archive for the community and policymakers.
  2. Event coverage: Along with oral history interviews, you will also find video footage of various public events, meetings, workshops and programs that we have attended during the period of this project, 2018-2020. This footage presents another vignette into the lived experiences and histories of Detroiters during this crisis, commemorating and celebrating key events.
  3. Scholarly publications: On the Scholarly Products page, you will find abstracts and free-to-download pre-print versions (for noncommercial and educational use only) of various scholarly publications, based on the oral histories gathered. These publications include peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals and chapters contributed to edited volumes, and they will be added on an ongoing basis, as they are completed (and published). Where possible, in-progress publications are listed.
  4. Scholarly presentations: Also on the Scholarly Products page, we will list invited talks and competitively selected presentations at various academic conferences, universities, and other forums of higher learning. Where possible, slides of these talks are featured.
  5. Community-centered products: In partnership with community groups, we have produced (and are producing) a number of creative products that are rooted in our scholarship. These include: infographics, timelines, storymaps, information sheets, workshop material, and white papers. Film panel discussions and community service are also listed.
  6. Webisodes: A series of 8-10 webisodes, or “docu shorts” ranging from 3-5 minutes, is under production, to counter the misinformation and disinformation about Detroit’s water security crisis. Once complete, the webisodes will be hosted both on this website and on our YouTube channel, for better discoverability and shareability.