Michigan World Water Day 2019

The Detroit Water Stories team attended Michigan World Water Day at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit on March 22, 2019. World Water Day is an international holiday held annually on March 22 to honor and acknowledge the importance of protecting and sustaining the world’s freshwater sources.

This faith-led press conference was held during the opening ceremonies on World Water Day:

Speakers/leaders of the press conference were: Sister Barb Beesley, Rev. Roslyn Bouier, Imam Steve, Rabbi Alana Alpert, and Bill Wylie-Kellermenn.

Panels were organized to bring together water experts and activists to speak about pressing water issues in Detroit and beyond:

Part 1: Presenters at this panel about Health and Contamination were: Cathy Wursterbarth; ReJoyce Douglas; Alice Jennings; Diane Weckerle, RN MEd; and George Gaines, MSW MPH.
Part 2 of the Health and Contamination panel.
Part 1: Presenters at this panel on Privatization and Corporate Takeover were: Claire McClinton, Gina Luster, Holly T. Bird, Peggy Case, and Nancy Gallardo.
Part 2 of the Privatization and Corporate Takeover panel.

Finally, Dr. Rahul Mitra led a workshop at the event to share our research and hear stories from those attending World Water Day:

Rahul shared information on our #DetroitWaterStories open-access oral history project and did a storytelling session where participants could share their own experiences and suggest strategies for future action surrounding water shutoffs and water insecurity in Detroit.